QuickHelp Nigeria to Empower Registered Rural Artisans with Professional Skills

In Nigeria, a significant number of craftsmen, particularly those in the hinterlands, face challenges in accessing quality training and professional development opportunities. Consequently, many service seekers always have had to source for skilled artisans from nearby towns or cities where the skilled few ones are concentrated. Aside from contributing to massive rural-urban migration of talented Artisans, this trend has left most remote areas with little or largely unskilled craftsmen,

QuickHelp Nigeria aims to address this gap by launching a pioneering initiative that provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for local artisans that are registered on the QuickHelp Nigeria Business Plan. This program, focused on upgrading the conduct, practice, and ethics of artisanship at the grassroot, holds tremendous potential for the development and empowerment of craftsmen across Nigeria.

1. Tailored to Local Artisans: The CPD program offered by QuickHelp Nigeria is designed for craftsmen and women, expecially those located in the Nigerian interlards. This ensures that artisans from remote areas, who often have limited access to training and development resources, can benefit from the program. By bringing professional development opportunities closer to their communities, QuickHelp Nigeria is bridging the gap and creating equal opportunities for artisans across the country.

2. Inclusive eLearning in Indigenous Languages:
QuickHelp Nigeria recognizes the importance of language in effective learning. To overcome language barriers, the eLearning courses provided under the program will be offered in Nigeria’s main indigenous languages. This approach ensures that artisans, irrespective of their linguistic background, can comprehend and engage with the educational materials effectively. By promoting inclusivity and accessibility, QuickHelp Nigeria is revolutionizing the way professional development is delivered to local artisans.

3. Skills-Based Empowerment through Mobile App:
Registered artisans on the QuickHelp platform will have exclusive access to a comprehensive skills-based empowerment program via the schoolmate Mobile App, developed by SYL. This app serves as a digital hub for artisans to access a wide range of training materials, resources, and mentorship opportunities. It empowers artisans to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and stay updated with the latest industry trends. By leveraging technology, QuickHelp Nigeria is revolutionizing artisanal education and enabling continuous learning at artisans’ fingertips.

The one of the mission of QuickHelp Nigeria is to significantly contribute to the upgrade of the conduct, practice, and ethics of artisanship across Nigeria, especially in the hinterlands. The program focuses on a diverse range of crafts, including mechanics, auto electricians, welders, vulcanizer, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. Also included are masons, blacksmiths, roofers, tilers, painters, bricklayers, furniture makers, leatherworkers, tailors, shoemakers and  weavers. Others are metalworkers, instrument makers, printmakers, bookbinders, upholsterers, locksmiths, clockmakers, jewelry makers, sculptors, ceramicists, basket weavers etc.

Case study

For example, most rural communities in Nigeria relies heavily on motor vehicles for transportation, but lack access to quality automotive repair services. The majority of mechanics in the area have limited training and outdated techniques, leading to inefficiencies and subpar repair work.

In this scenario, the Professional Skillset to be offered include  Specialized Training  in advanced automotive technologies, vehicle maintenance, engine tuning, and efficient repair practices to enhance their skills and productivity. Other skills are basic business skills, including financial management, customer relations, and marketing strategies, to help mechanics operate successful and sustainable businesses.

With the QuickHelp planned programmes for auto mechanics, the following are expected outcomes:

  1. Improved Repair Services: Mechanics equipped with updated knowledge and skills provide higher quality repairs, ensuring vehicles operate more efficiently and reducing breakdowns.
  2. Safety and Reliability: Proper training helps mechanics identify and address potential safety hazards in vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents caused by mechanical failures.
  3. Economic Growth: Enhanced repair services attract more vehicle owners to the community, generating employment opportunities and boosting the local economy.
  4. Community Trust: Mechanics adhering to ethical practices build a reputation for fairness and honesty, fostering trust within the community and encouraging repeat business.
  5. Skill Transfer: Mechanics trained under the CPD program can share their knowledge with apprentices, creating a ripple effect of improved skills within the community

By addressing these areas, QuickHelp Nigeria is ensuring that a wide array of artisans can benefit from professional development tailored to their unique skill sets.




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