The BotBoard: Towards a new Learning Order with AI

In a strategic move to contribute in addressing the prevailing challenges in Nigeria’s public education system, Strategies and Yields Limited (SYL) has introduced an ingenious solution called the BOTBOARD. This cutting-edge AI-driven enterprise learning platform aims to revolutionize the education landscape and inject vitality into the grassroots level of learning.

The BOTBOARD is a state-of-the-art electronic display device empowered by artificial intelligence algorithms. Functioning as an intelligent robotic system, it offers interactive and personalized learning experiences for primary and secondary school students. Installed on classroom walls like traditional boards, the BOTBOARD is equipped to respond to queries posed by students and teachers, employing a diverse range of mediums such as text, images, audio, animations, and videos.

A standout feature of the BOTBOARD lies in its ability to tap into and curate knowledge from diverse internet sources, delivering it in various formats including textual information, graphics, sounds, and videos. Additionally, the BOTBOARD acts as a virtual teaching assistant, supplementing classroom discussions with pertinent illustrations, diagrams, and videos.

At the heart of the BOTBOARD lies its AI-powered Chatbot, which leverages advanced natural language processing techniques to simulate human-like conversations. This Chatbot not only offers responsive answers but also possesses predictive and advisory capabilities. SYL’s substantial investment in AI research and development has positioned their Chatbot as a globally competitive system.

To validate the efficacy of the BOTBOARD, SYL’s subsidiary, QuickHelp Nigeria, conducted a successful pilot exercise at OAU Staff School in Ile-Ife. The positive outcomes of this pilot have fueled SYL’s ambition to deploy this state-of-the-art AI-powered learning system in Nigerian public schools, with Lagos State as the initial target. By embracing the BOTBOARD, schools can enhance their existing education ecosystem, providing students with a more engaging and impactful learning experience.

The BOTBOARD boasts a wide array of features and functionalities. It can offer filtered responses to student queries, redirect unknown or intriguing requests to appropriate sources, provide navigation services within school premises, deliver news updates, and even furnish career advice and psychometric analysis to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Deployment of the BOTBOARD can be tailored to suit various settings, including classrooms, laboratories, and outdoor environments. Furthermore, multiple access channels are available, ranging from the website, Facebook, and Messenger to Twitter and beyond. There is also the potential to develop an Android/iOS mobile app for enhanced accessibility.

The integration of the BOTBOARD into the education system brings forth numerous benefits. Students gain personalized access to high-quality learning as the platform adapts to their individual needs and learning styles. Teachers can harness the BOTBOARD as a powerful teaching aid and evaluation support system. Moreover, it provides inclusive learning opportunities for students with special needs, enabling them to seamlessly participate alongside their peers without necessitating specialized facilities.

The BOTBOARD fosters constructive feedback between students and teachers, facilitating meaningful interactions and establishing a global classroom where students can connect with their counterparts from around the world. By injecting interest and engagement into teaching and learning, the BOTBOARD ignites curiosity and nurtures creativity, particularly in STEM-related subjects.

Furthermore, organizations that adopt this groundbreaking technology can position themselves as trailblazers in technology-based education in Nigeria. The widespread integration of AI technologies in education has the potential to catalyze rapid technological advancement within the country.

With its extensive expertise in ICT, digital content development, and artificial intelligence, SYL is poised to lead the educational transformation with the BOTBOARD. Having previously collaborated with prominent organizations, SYL is well-prepared to deploy the BOTBOARD as a game-changing tool in Nigeria’s education sector.

Through the implementation of the BOTBOARD, Nigeria’s public schools can embark on a new learning order, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to provide students with a dynamic and immersive educational experience.






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