QuickHelp Nigeria: What is this about?

QuickHelp is an AI based business directory and personal emergency services system (PESS). On QuickHelp, users can get immediate access to needed business contacts and receive quick and helpful responses in the event of emergencies or distress.

QuickHelp Nigeria is a groundbreaking platform that aims to bring existing businesses out of obscurity while providing much-needed publicity for registered startups. It offers a range of services designed to cater to various needs, including personal emergency services and a comprehensive business directory.

Personal Emergency Services/Business Directory:
QuickHelp Nigeria features a robust directory that lists verified artisans, SMEs, and registered companies. With the assistance of an AI agent, users can freely access this directory, finding reliable businesses to meet their requirements. Additionally, QuickHelp offers a premium Personal Emergency Service System (PESS) that provides assistance during contingencies or crises.

QuickHelp introduces QuickCredit, an airtime recharge service that allows users to instantly top up their airtime and pay later. By simply making a request like “I need airtime,” users can experience the fastest way to recharge without the need to access their bank accounts.

QuickHelp Taxi/Bike:
With the community-based Taxi and Bike Services, QuickHelp Nigeria enables users to quickly secure taxicabs. By making a request such as “I need a taxi” or using the USSD code and selecting the Taxi Service, users can enjoy a simple and safe alternative. QuickHelp has partnered with local taxi/bike operators to ensure a reliable transportation option for everyone.

QuickHelp’s Switch:
QuickHelp Nigeria introduces an innovative feature called Switch (BETA), allowing users to switch to their favorite brands if they are already included on QuickHelp’s Talking Website. Switch automatically fetches frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the brand’s website, converts them into ‘Knowets,’ and presents them in conversational formats.

QuickBuy/Online Shopping:
QuickBuy serves as the eCommerce arm of QuickHelp Nigeria, empowering local businesses and serving communities through a dynamic online store and logistics services. It provides a convenient platform for local businesses to expand their reach, increase sales, and boost profits while offering a seamless online shopping experience for customers.

Talking Website:
QuickHelp Nigeria offers the Talking Website feature, which incorporates an AI-powered widget supported by a user dashboard. By installing this widget on their websites, businesses can engage with their visitors effectively. The AI-powered agent ensures instant responses to visitors’ queries, captures their concerns, and even allows for human handover when necessary.

With its wide range of services, QuickHelp Nigeria revolutionizes the way businesses operate and individuals access essential services, making their lives more convenient and efficient.

For more information or inquiries, please visit www.quickhelp.com.ng or contact 08038615445






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