QuickHelp Nigeria: What is this about?

QuickHelp is an AI based business directory and personal emergency services system (PESS). On QuickHelp, users can get immediate access to needed business contacts and receive quick and helpful responses in the event of emergencies or distress.

The world today is about advancement in technology that enables human to emancipate. For example, newspaper vendors are are fast becoming less profitable. Previously, a visit to various working destinations is where readers/buyers get to read or buy any news/newspaper of their choice as  it allows them to get facts about what is going on in their communities, country or even the world. But in modern times, technology has taken over in such a way that allows everyone to get any information on the internet, especially on social media platforms, mobile gadgets (laptops, tablets, phones etc.), television sets (Smart tv, LED tv etc.), online radio frequency stations and all other emerging platforms.

This is where the launch of QUICKHELP comes and it has been a helpful tool for communities.

Are you in your comfort zone but extremely too busy to get your hands off the work,  and at the same time need SOMETHING very urgently?

QuickHelp is a fast-rendering service that solve human problems rapidly in a twinkle of an eye. From the word QUICK and HELP (Sharp sharp assistance), anywhere you may find yourself helpless or out of options, QuickHelp is there to render its service without you moving a finger or an inch.

Or maybe you are stranded somewhere in a remote area, or stranded in need of a helping hand to continue with whatever you embarked on, QuickHelp will instantly come to your aid.


QuickHelp offers 2 main services,  helping greatly even beyond expectations:

  • QuickHelp is also an EMERGENCY SERVICE.


QuickHelp as a Directory Service

What do we mean by directory service? A local business directory lists vital information about  business including hours, location, and contact information.

For example,

  • Helps in locating a store to buy needed goods or products.
  • Helps with information about goods and offer delivery/logostics services
  • Helps to locate professionals around you e.g  mechanics to repair broken down car engine.
  • Booking a hotel reservation on or before date
  • Helping to check traffic of a particular location and lots more.

QuickHelp as an Emergency Service

  • Need to see a doctor but do not have the strength to queue up or do not have time to sit before getting attended to? QuickHelp can help you book an appointment with the doctor with specific time and date.
  • Also helps you out while stranded in any way.
  • QuickHelp can urgently provide service of an ambulance for a patient, QuickHelp will locate an ambulance contact instantly and get you helped.

For more enquiry or information, visit or call 0909000HELP or 0909999HELP


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