Have a blast on Christmas Day


We wish you a Merry Christmas!
Christmas is a season of Joy, Love, Celebrations and Special thoughts for those we really care about. We are delighted to let you know that you are on our list!

As you mark this special season, we wish you the very best of God’s showers of blessings, peace, good health and prosperity.

And don’t forget to keep claiming your free airtime, getting your business contacts and receiving instant help whenever and wherever!

Some recent new features

1. QuickHelp Messenger
2. New Pricing System
3. Referrals System
4. Business/Premium Accounts
5. Personal Emergency Service Units (QuickCover)
…and much more!


Exciting Partnership Opportunities with QuickHelp Nigeria!
QuickHelp is an AI based business directory and personal emergency services system (PESS). On QuickHelp, users can get immediate access to needed business contacts and receive quick and helpful responses in the event of emergencies or distress.
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Reliable Business Contacts, Personal Emergencies and moreā€¦

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