Introducing: The QuickHelp Messenger Service

Introducing QuickHelp Messenger (Beta)!
We are excited to announce the introduction of the QuickHelp Messenger (Beta) service! QuickHelp users (web only for now) may now send instant messages to other registered users, while enjoying additional features such as:

1. Mediated Chats: Get business AI curated business suggestions and prompts while chatting with friends or customers.
2. Human Handover: Create customer-centric chatbots that can prompt you to take over whenever necessary.
3. QuickMe: Create custom chatbot agents with a persona that mimics your style of conversation flow with past customers.

To enjoy the service, users must have a QuickHelp account. You can create an account here!

And at last, we have fully relocated to our new HQ facility in Ile-Ife, QTech-Hub at Kajola-EleweEran, Ile-Ife! Our second location, hopefully in a near future will be the closest store to you via our QuickHelp Agents, anywhere in Nigeria!



Promote your Brand with InChat Ads/Banners
Receive your Website visitors while even asleep with QuickHelp’s TalkingWebsite
Make money by integrating the QuickHelp’s Widget on your website
Get more leads for your business within your community
Sell Airtime to the People you trust, while they pay you later!
Get more business for your Taxi Cab or Okada!

QuickHelp Channels
QuickHelp’s services are presently functional on:

The Website (
Widgets: QuickHelp runs a free Chatbot creating App named TalkingWebsite ( that enables developers own QuickHelp on their websites.
The Android Mobile App

QuickHelp’s Business Partnership models

The Merit package: A free directory enlisting service for our customers i.e. the service providers/entrepreneurs. This directory enlists the very best services providers in their various fields that have undergone our strict screening process to prove their credibility.

The Premium package: This is a monthly based paid directory enlisting service. It provides service providers especially start-ups with the opportunity of being an exclusive and frequently promoted alternative to the merit directory contact information in their field at every consumer’s request.
Price: 10 USD/Month/Business

The Sponsors package: This is a service available for the sole purpose of promotions. It is also has an exclusive feature that provides a platform for clients (or partners) to improve their brand relevance by being constantly featured as a sponsor at every consumer’s request based on a weekly, monthly or yearly contract based package. Please contact Sales for Pricing.

Talking Website Widget Partnerships (BETA): Install QuickHelp’s Talking Website Widget on your website and earn credits on the QuickHelp Ads Ecosystem (QAE).

QuickHelp’s QuickCredit: Signup on as a QuickCredit Merchant and you have the incredible opportunity of making more money from selling Airtime like never before. How it works?

Buy Airtime at discounted rates on QuickHelp
Register your trusted customers on your account, and set a cap
Your trusted customers make airtime requests on QuickHelp
Collect your money from your trusted customers based on your preferred billing cycle

QuickHelp’s QuickTaxi: Signup on as a Quicktaxi Merchant and you have the opportunity of boosting your transport business! How it works?

Register on QuickHelp as a QuickTaxi Merchant and get your Taxi Code
Potential passengers make location-based taxi requests on QuickHelp and your Profile is presented, with a secure code
You get instant notification about the request, with the same secure code
Call the customers, confirm secure code and Bingo! Start making more money!

Advertisements types and rates on QuickHelp (13th June, 2019)
Exclusive Brand Take-over (500USD/Month)*
Exclusive Client’s Background (or Sliders) on Websites/Social Media channels
Sustained Custom conversation on Clients brand, products and(or) services
Frequent and Proactive Inchat Display of Clients Services, products
Inchat clickable footnote on Clients products on every request
Shared Website Background Banner take-Over (10 USD/Day)*
Inchat call to action – conversational, linkout (5USD/Day)*
Text Second response -Every Chatbot response is followed by a Text Ad-(15USD/Day)*
Media Second response- Every Chatbot response is followed by a media Ad e.g graphics, buttons, videos-(25USD/Day)*
Keyword Targeting- Every request based on a particular keyword displays your Ad Inchat (50USD/10 keywords/Month)* **
Location Targeting-Every location based request displays your Ad Inchat (30USD/city/month)* ***

Advertisements Contacts

For Further Information, or requests, please contact:
(+234)090 9000 4357, (+234)090 9999 4357

*All prices are negotiable, based on the scope and volume.
**Some words are reserved and may not qualify as keywords.
***Some locations are presently not covered by QuickHelp, locations may however be activated on request
****All prices are subject to change.

For more information or feedback, please send an email to the QuickHelp Team with or dial (+234)090 9000 4357


Exciting Partnership Opportunities with QuickHelp Nigeria!
QuickHelp is an AI based business directory and personal emergency services system (PESS). On QuickHelp, users can get immediate access to needed business contacts and receive quick and helpful responses in the event of emergencies or distress.
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Reliable Business Contacts, Personal Emergencies and more…






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