QuickBuy Revolution: A Simpler Way to Shop in your community

At QuickHelp Nigeria, we believe in progress, innovation, and above all, listening to our valued customers. We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our QuickBuy online shopping system that aligns perfectly with our commitment to serving local communities. We’ve simplified the process by combining a one-page website with WhatsApp for an even more seamless shopping experience.


Why the Change?

We’ve always strived to empower local businesses and connect communities through our dynamic online store and logistics services. However, we realized that simplicity is key, and our customers’ feedback is our guiding light. We wanted to make it easier for you to shop and support local businesses in your community.


The Advantages of Our New Approach

Simplicity at Its Best: Our new one-page online shopping system is designed with simplicity in mind. No more navigating through complex websites or apps. With just one click, you can access everything you need to shop locally.

WhatsApp Integration: We’ve seamlessly integrated WhatsApp into the shopping process. Now, you can place orders, and route your request directly via WhatsApp!

Community-Centric: Our focus remains on serving local communities. This new approach strengthens the bond between local businesses and customers, creating a thriving ecosystem where everyone benefits.

Faster, Easier, Better: Shopping with QuickBuy is now faster and more straightforward than ever before. You can browse local products, place orders, and receive them without any hassle.

Supporting Local Businesses: By shopping through QuickBuy, you’re not just making your life easier; you’re also supporting local businesses and helping them thrive.


How It Works

Search for What You Need: Start by searching for the items you’re looking for. Our one-page QuickBuy website makes it easy to find what you want quickly.

Add to Cart with a Tap: Once you’ve found the products or services you desire, simply tap on them to add them to your cart. You can continue browsing and adding items as you go.

Review Your Cart: When you’re ready to make a purchase, review the items in your cart to ensure you have everything you need.

Place Your Order via WhatsApp: With your cart ready, it’s time to place your order. Just tap the Place Your Order button, chat with our dedicated shopping assistant, share your cart contents and order details, and you’re done!

Sit Back and Relax: After placing your order, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax. Our efficient team will handle the rest, ensuring a smooth and swift delivery right to your doorstep.

Experience the future of community-based eCommerce with QuickBuy. Join us in celebrating local businesses, simplifying your shopping experience, and strengthening the bonds within your community. Shop smarter, shop locally, and shop with QuickBuy!





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